Summer Camps 2023

Summer Camps 2023 – « l’Ecole des Petits Champions »

Recommended age :

From 9 till 15 July from 7 to 18 years
From 16 till 22 July from 7 to 18 years
From 6 till 12 August From 7 to 18 years
From 13 till 19 August From 7 to 18 years
From 20 till 26 August From 7 to 18 years

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All the trainees are welcomed in the ice rink of Orcières Merlette 1850 on Sundays, July  9th, July 16th, August 6th, August 13th and August 20th between 4:45 pm and 6:45 pm.

The families which chose the formula training course with apartment can arrive on Saturdays, the keys of apartments will be directly removed from the agency.

Apartments are situated in the heart of the station.

Training courses begin officially on Mondays, July 10th, July 17th, August 7th, August 14th and August 21th at 8:30 am in the ice rink of Orcières Merlette 1850 and end on Saturdays, July 15th, July 22th, August 12th, August 19th, August 26th after noon after the match of fence.

The children boarders are accommodated or in collective center or in apartment with monitors.

Program on ice : 2:45 hours of training a day (1:30 am in the morning and 1:15am in the afternoon).

Program except ice for the boarders and the half-boarders: swimming pool, physical conditioning, activities of relaxation, video.

Supervision on ice Philippe Rey,  Yvan Charpentier, Benjamin Masse, Thibaut Farina, Christian Elian, Thibaud Saintecroix, Vladimir Domin, Raphaël Facchini, Sébastien Amouriq, Radek Lukes, Sebastien Muret (specific guards).
In 40 km in the Northeast of Gap, Orcières Merlette 1850 is a real vacation centre situated in 1850 M of height

 » Training courses based on the physical conditioning and the perfection of the technical fitnesses  »

The training courses to Orcières Merlette 1850 have a double positive effect for the trainees: it was proved that the benefactions of the training courses in height are significant above 1800 metres. Orcières Merlette 1850 is one of the rare places in France having the privilege to fill this condition. The training courses placed in the beginning of season allow the trainees to preserve all their experiences and to benefit from it during all the season.


Goal keepers
A specific education will be taught the goal keepers during every week of training course.

Every trainee will have to arm himself with a complete equipment of hockey, 2 sticks, 1 tracksuit, 1 pair of sports shoes, 1 swimsuit.

Supervision Besides the trainers
Monitor assure the surveillance for all the activities on ice and except ice. If for a reason of force majeure, a trainer cannot assure the supervision of the training course, it will be replaced without that families are warned of it.

Price lists
– Training course hockey (3 hours a day): 210 € 1 week or 405 € 2 weeks  or 590 € 3 weeks
– Half Board with training course: 380 € 1 week or 740 € 2 weeks or 1080 € 3 weeks
– American plan with training course: 560 € 1 week or 1090 € 2 weeks (only for weeks from 9 till 15 july, from 16 till 22 july, from 13 till 19 august and from 20 till 26 august).

weeks Formulae  » in family  » with apartment: see the board

Apartment + 1 training course (2:45 hours of hockey a day from Monday till Saturday)
Typifies apartement Surface 1 week 2 weeks 3  weeks
Studio 4 persons 20/25 m² 530 € 875 € 1210 €
2 rooms 6 persons 30/45 m² 600 € 995 € 1360 €
3 rooms 7/8 persons
or 3 rooms 7/8 persons with parking
Around 50 m² 670 € 1075 € 1450 €
Apartment + 1 training course in half board (2:45 hours of hockey a day + activities except ice and lunch from Monday till Saturday)
Type appartement Surface 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
Studio 4 persons 20/25 m² 700 € 1210€ 1700 €
2 rooms6 persons 30/45 m² 770 € 1330 € 1850 €
3 rooms 7/8 persons
or 3 rooms 6 persons with parking
Around 50 m² 840 € 1410 € 1960 €

NB: for the training courses with apartment: a 500 € pledge by apartment will be asked by the agency, in the daytime of your arrival. It will be returned at the end by the stay if the apartment is left clean and without deterioration. A tourist tax is to be settled(adjusted) in the daytime of arrival to the agency (0,7 € a day and a person in 2022· sheets are not included (possibility of rent to the agency).

Training courses in half board and in American plan: a delivery is granted to families registering several children.


Methods of payment
150 € in the inscription (checks put in the collection at the end of May) check in the order of A.P.H. (Association Promotion Hockey). The balance in the arrival of the training course.

Before May 30th, 2023 Confirmation of the inscription by mail.

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