« Trophée des Petits Champions »

The « Trophée des Petits Champions 2018 » 

Like every years in april, Briançon, Gap and Orcières Merlette 1850 welcome the biggest under-age ice-hockey gathering in Europe: The Bauer Little Champions Tournament.

This event has the characteristic of being play at 3 against 3 in the third of the ice-rink and support in this way the actions, the technical play and give to the young ice-hockey-players the occasion to measure themselves face to face with many opponents come from Europe.

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Tournament rules :

– U9 (the players born in 2009, 2010 and 2011) play at Briançon.
– U11 (the players born in 2007, 2008) play at Orcières Merlette 1850 .
– U13 (the players born in 2005, 2006) play at Gap.

– The teams are made up at least of 7 players and at the maximum of 10 players (goal(s) included)

– The ice-rink is divided in 3 playgrounds, 3 matches take place in the same time.

-The matches are played at 3 against 3 (+ the goal), the lines change all the 2 minutes, the match period is twice 10 minutes.

– The prison is replaced by the penalty.

Cost of inscription :

– 75 € a player and 77 € a manager for clubs for which the travel is under 1000 km.go-and-return.
– 60 € a player and 77€ a manager for clubs for which the travel is over 1000 km go-and return.

Cost of inscription consist of :

4 meals (friday diner, saturday lunch and diner, sunday lunch) 2 nights (friday/saturday and saturday/sunday) 2 breakfesat (saturday morning and sunday morning) 3 afternoon snack (friday, saturday and sunday).

NB: In Orcières Merlette 1850, the lodging of teams will be done in flat (4, 6 or 8 people) or collective accomodation; a 100€ deposit a flat will be asked by the renting agency (when the keys of flats will be given to you). She will be given back to you after the tournament if the flat is left clean and without any damage. In Gap and Briançon, the lodging of teams is done in colectif-center or in hotels.

During the opening ceremony, each player will be given a tournament souvenir. Everyone of them are rewarded: medals or trophies.

Schedule :

Friday 20th April 2018  :
From 10h00 : reception of the teams at the ice-rinks of Briançon, Orcières 1850 and Gap. 12h30 : Beginning of the tournament. 16h45 : openning ceremony. 17h30 : coming back to the games. 22h15 : end of the fisrt day.

Saturday 21th April 2018 :
8h00 : beginning of the second day. 20h30: game of the « minis stars » 22h00 : end of the second day.

Sunday 21th April 2018 :
8h00 : beginning of the third day 13h00 : beginning of the final phases. 18h15 : the rewards are given to the players.

The schedule of the games will be sent to you at the end of march 2018.

The « Trophée Bauer des Petits Champions » in numbers :

– 3 ice-rinks
– 96 teams
– 100 advertisers
– 120 organisers
– 480 games played in 3 days
– 1000 players
– 1500 meals each lunch (players+managers+organisation)
– 2500 programs printed
– 3000 spactators seening finales (1000 in each ice-rink)

Informations :

150 clubs (93 french clubs and 57 foreigners clubs) have taken part at The « Trophée Bauer des Petits Champions » since 1991.
This tournament is still the biggest under-age ice-hockey gathering in Europe.
The event has seen several players become international players and even some NHL players (as Ilya Kovalchuk and much more).

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